Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Analysis Of The AFC And NFC Championship Games

San Diego Chargers At New England Patriots (3:00 p.m.) - I'm sick and tired of analyzing New England Patriots games. Every week I sit here and try to find some excuse as to how the opposing team could possibly beat them. Let's get real here. The Patriots just don't lose. The Colts would have been more of a challenge than this Chargers team who is so hurt and banged up they are the equivalent of having patients from a nursing home play the Patriots. There, I guess that's my analysis.

New York Giants At Green Bay Packers (6:30 p.m.) - All right. This game is more interesting. I never would have expected the Giants to make it this far, but they have. The running attack on both of these teams is about equal. Ryan Grant has emerged into an amazing running back and Brandon Jacobs is so fast and huge he can pound the ball through. Also, the back up running backs on the Giants are decent as well, so if they rotate their running backs they'll have a consistent attack. The receiving core on both teams, again, is almost even, but I would take Donald Driver and Greg Jennings on the Packers over Amani Toomer and Plaxico Burress.

So what is going to be the deciding factor(s) in this game? 2 things. First, as far as defense, the Packers not only have the better defense, but they are healthier too. Second, keeping the Packers' better defense in mind, think about where Eli Manning is 0 degree weather. While Favre thrives on this kind of weather for some crazy reason, Eli Manning absolutely can not play in cold weather. I mean, think about how he got this far in the playoffs. He had the luxury of playing in warm weather states like Florida and Texas. Can't get hotter than that. Therefore, I'd pick the Packers over the Giants.

Whatever the outcome, I'm excited to watch these games, but bummed there won't be football for 2 weeks after tonight.

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