Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Green Bay Packers Advance In The Playoffs

This game was by far one of the more memorable ones of the playoffs thus far. I picked the Green Bay Packers to win AND cover the spread....and at first they were such a big disappoint. Two fumbles by Ryan Grant led to two quick TDs for Seattle. At this point I was screaming at the television for Favre to start passing. Why stop doing what was working all year? Luckily, he must have heard me.

Brett Favre somehow spun free from the Seahawks' clutches and stumbled ahead in the snow. Ever the gambler, he flipped a wobbly, underhanded pass that he had no business trying, let alone completing.

Green Bay ended up destroying the Seahawks 42-20 because the Packers resorted to the passing game in the second half and Ryan Grant started running like a beast. He just couldn't be tackled.

With Lambeau Field looking like a snow globe, Favre frolicked in the flurries, throwing three touchdown passes as the Packers beat Seattle 42-20 Saturday, the highest-scoring postseason game in Packers' history.

Ryan Grant made history, too, recovering from two fumbles that put the Packers down 14-0 after only four minutes to set a Packers' postseason record with 201 yards rushing. He scored three times; Greg Jennings caught a pair of TD tosses; and Favre tied his personal best for touchdown strikes in a postseason game.

Perhaps the biggest factor in this game was the amount of snow falling. In the first half the screen on my television showed a mint like greenish-white field. In the second half, however, my television screen just showed one big white mess. The Green Bay Packers took advantage of their home field by getting off to an early lead and running the ball most of the second half. It was impossible for the Seattle Seahawks to come back in that weather.

The Packers (14-3) will take on the winner of Sunday's game between the New York Giants and Dallas. If the Cowboys win, they'll host Green Bay; if the Giants win, they'll visit Lambeau. After watching the Packers in this game, I believe they have a great shot at defeating the Cowboys no matter what stadium they play in. They would certainly destroy the Giants. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see.....

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