Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dallas Cowboy Fans Can Breathe Easy

After looking into two coaching jobs, Jason Garrett decided to remain offensive coordinator of the Cowboys after Dallas made him the highest-paid assistant coach in the NFL. The Cowboys promoted Garrett to assistant head coach and gave him a new contract that will pay him in the ballpark of $3 million per year.

Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips' salary is also in the $3 million range. There is no word on whether the team plans to adjust Phillips' salary.

Garrett went through second interviews in Baltimore and Atlanta earlier this week, then returned to Dallas to meet with team owner Jerry Jones.

This was a good move by Jason Garrett primarily because after looking at his other options, there simply wasn't much room for choice. The Baltimore Ravens had a horrible collapse and they have such a poor offense that I don't think any coach could revive them. As far as the Atlanta Falcons, why would anyone want to try to clean up that mess? Good move sticking with the Cowboys, who will have many more winning seasons.

Jones, who hired Garrett last year before hiring Wade Phillips, apparently convinced him his future was just as bright with the Cowboys, who are coming off a 13-3 regular season with eight of his offensive players going to the Pro Bowl.

Although Jones can't formally promise Garrett he'll be the next coach of the Cowboys, that's been the going theory since he joined the club roughly this time last year. Speculation that Jones would push aside Phillips and promote Garrett rather than risk losing him to another club was so strong last week that Jones held a news conference in part to deny it. He denied it again Sunday, after Dallas' season-ending loss to the New York Giants.

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