Friday, January 4, 2008

Bill Parcells Wastes No Time In Making Changes in Miami

Bill Parcells is now the boss on the Miami Dolphins and this is reflected in his decision to let Cam Cameron go, along with just about everyone else on the Miami Dolphins. He has complete freedom to do this too because his promise to rebuild this franchise is trusted by nearly everyone.

The thing with Bill Parcells is that he wants people he knows surrounding him as he tries to fix the Miami Dolphins. He's not familiar with Cam Cameron or many of the other staff members, so he had to let them go.

To recap, late last month, they brought in Parcells to run the organization. He hired Jeff Ireland as general manager this week, and they fired most of the coaching staff Thursday.

"They were struggling on both sides of the ball," Ireland said. "Looking at it from afar, we've just got to put the right person in place."

Cameron was fired Thursday after winning only one game in his first year as an NFL head coach. The move means Miami will have its fifth coach in five seasons.

Such instability has contributed to the Dolphins' decline. This season they lost their first 13 games and finished 1-15, the worst record in franchise history.

Now the Dolphins are starting over.

Parcells, the Cowboys' coach in 2003-06, may tap the Dallas pipeline again. The early front-runner to replace Cameron is Cowboys assistant head coach Tony Sparano, who is scheduled to interview Friday for the head coaching vacancy in Atlanta.

"Tony's an outstanding coach," Dallas head coach Wade Phillips said this week. "He's got all the attributes, I think, to be a head coach. He works well with people. His players play for him; I think that's important. And he's a really sharp, sharp guy as far as Xs and Os. And I think he'd work well certainly putting a staff together."

ESPN's Chris Mortensen has confirmed through sources that the Dolphins also will consider these five additional assistants as Cameron's successor:

" Maurice Carthon, Cardinals running backs coach
" Todd Haley, Cardinals offensive coordinator
" Mike Tice, Jaguars assistant head coach/tight ends
" Rex Ryan, Ravens defensive coordinator
" Leslie Frazier, Vikings defensive coordinator

All but two members of Cameron's coaching staff were also fired, although some might be rehired by the new head coach, Ireland said. Retained were assistant special teams coach Steve Hoffman and linebackers coach George Edwards.

Now that the coaching staff is in the process of being replaced, it'll soon be time for Parcells to take a look at the players. It wouldn't surprise me if Bill Parcells brought the players he likes to the Dolphins in addition to the coaching staff. How funny would that be if Vinny Testaverde came out of retirement to be the quarterback of the Dolphins or if Terry Glenn came to the Dolphins as a receiver. Romo loves Terrell Owens and his other receivers so much in Glenn's absence that Glenn looked out of place on that team in the final week of football.

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