Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad News For The New York Giants

Remember in a previous article I wrote that if Terrell Owens plays this Sunday, the New York Giants have no chance of beating the Dallas Cowboys? Remember my whole rant about how much of a playmaker and difference maker Terrell Owens is? Well, Terrell Owens warmed up for practice Friday, then went to see a trainer about his injured ankle.

Owens felt so good he wanted the protective tape he'd been wearing cut off. Then he ran to join his teammates who were lined up to stretch, slapping hands and practically doing a victory lap on his way to his spot, complete with waving his right index finger.

"I'm good,'' Owens said later, at his locker. "See you Sunday.''

The team's official report listed his participation in practice as limited and his game status as questionable. Coach Wade Phillips was more hopeful about having his All-Pro receiver in the lineup Sunday against the New York Giants. Phillips added that if Owens can play, he'll start.

"Terrell said he's going to play and I believe him. I think he will attempt to play and we will let him,'' Phillips said. "To what degree, at what level, remains to be seen in the game. Unless something unforeseen happens, I think he probably will [play].''

Owens was the last player out of the locker room and onto the practice field, then did some warm-up steps going forward and sideways. Once he felt comfortable, he joined the receivers catching lobs. He was striding slowly and without a hitch before stopping for the tape removal.

After stretching, Owens moved as quickly as anyone on his way back to join the receivers. Reporters weren't allowed to watch anything after that.

"He did good, he looked good -- he's ready to go Sunday,'' fellow receiver Sam Hurd said. "Especially when running, he looked good.''

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