Wednesday, January 9, 2008

49ers Make Martz New Offensive Coordinator

The San Francisco 49ers hired Mike Martz as their new offensive coordinator. His mission: to transform one of the NFL's worst offensives into a stellar powerhouse. The 49ers finished this season last in total points earned (219), total yards (3,797), passing yards (2,320), offensive touchdowns (23), first downs, sacks allowed, and third-down conversions. Something clearly had to be done with this offense. The 49ers believe that Martz is up to the challenge. Martz is optimistic about reconfiguring this poor offense. He was quoted as stating, "There are a lot of really outstanding pieces there that we just need to tie together. If we can do that, they're so well-established in special teams and on defense, I think the potential and the opportunity there is pretty exciting. It's not a challenge, it's an opportunity, and that's the part I enjoy." Martz claims to see great promise in a San Francisco offense built around running back Frank Gore. Martz stated that Gore has a huge potential for the 49ers offense and that he could impact the team just like Marshall Faulk did with the St. Louis Rams. "I think you can put him as the centerpiece and build around that," Martz said. "Frank is a little bit bigger, more physical, but he has the receiving skills, he's an unselfish pass-blocker, and he's really a complete player that really shouldn't come out of the game. That's hard to find in this league anymore." It is hard to disagree with Martz's assessment. The only way for the 49ers to improve their offense in the short-term is by focusing on Gore. The team has no note-worthy receivers or quarter backs. Clearly, the salvation of San Fransisco's offense rests upon the shoulders of its talented, but misused, running back. We'll see if Martz utilizes Gore to his potential and unlocks the 49ers greatest offensive weapon.

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