Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some Comments on the 2008 Pro Bowl Voting


-It's very nice to see the public give Favre (possibly) another farewell game after the season is over. I agree with voting him in as QB over Tony Romo, especially this year.

-Terrell Owens and Larry Fitzgerald should bring out the best in Favre, who isn't used to throwing to receivers of this caliber.

-The public really loves the new guy Adrian Peterson. Based on his inconsistency, I wouldn't have picked him over Westbrook, who you can always rely on.

-Did anyone not see Al Harris get burned repeatedly when he played the Cowboys. He's terrible. Good thing Terrell Owens is on his side this game. It doesn't matter though, if not T.O, then Randy Moss will exploit Al Harris.

-Watching Devin Hester return kicks is the only exciting aspect of the Bears. There isn't anybody who can do it better.


-As a Manning fan, I think he is more of a team player who would do a better job managing his team, the time, and get the overall win. However, the Pro Bowl isn't really about who wins. It's not like baseball where a win determines home field advantage. The Pro Bowl is all about flash and showing off. So in that regard, I can see why Brady would be voted the starter. This year, a Brady pass to Randy Moss is more exciting than a Manning pass to Wayne.

-How can you go wrong with the #1 receiver in the league (Moss) and the #1 receiver (Wayne) on the second best team in the league? You can't possibly lose with Moss. He'll push off the defender every time and never get flagged for it.

-How can you go wrong with the #1 tight end in the league (Anotonio Gates)

-LaDainian Tomlinson is becoming more like the LT of last year more and more and if he keeps this up he'll put Adrian Peterson in his place.

-Ed Reed and Bob Sanders is a good duo at safetys. As is Champ Bailey and Asante Samuel at cornerbacks.

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