Monday, December 10, 2007

Reaction to Michael Vick

First and foremost, Michael Vick is an idiot and deserves the punishment he is getting. I love dogs, I own a dog, and what he did is unthinkable. HOWEVER, ladies and gentlemen think about what this man could have done to the NFL. He was changing the QB position by himself. As we saw tonight it was never his accuracy that should of been called into question, it was the horrific receivers he was playing with.

He was my favorite player, he was the guy I watched every week. I wanted to watch him play and I wanted to see him do something I never saw a QB do before. So I pose this question, should he be allowed back in the NFL? Most definitely!

The man is going to serve his time in jail. He admits to being wrong and has waived his right to appeal. He said, and he has, accepted any sentence handed down upon him without question. He is going to serve his time, the NFL should not further punish him. There is only so much one man can do. He voluntarily set aside a million dollars to provide the remaining dogs with homes. Again, I am not saying what he has done was in any way shape or form right or acceptable. But, after he serves his time he should be allowed a second chance.


Anonymous said...

MV is another OJ.......Anyone that would pit two dogs against each other and watch one of them die has NO REGARD FOR THE SANCTITY OF's a ghetto / gangsta mind set get it. The guy is a pus. The dog is man's best friend. Dogs love us even though we're the most agressive and obnoxious species on the planet...the dog has always shown man unconditional love and this is how they are paid back.

David Stefanini said...

Vick is a complete idiot I can't agree anymore.

However, did you just compare him to a murderer? Killing dogs very very bad, killing humans a whole other issue.

Society allows us to kill deer as a sport, you can't compare killing animals to humans. I love animals and I love dogs but its just not the same.

Also, once he gets out of jail he has paid for his sins, and there is nothing else left for him to do. He has repent, and he will serve his time. After that he deserves a second chance.