Thursday, December 20, 2007

MLB Steroid Users Refuse To Testify In Front of Congress

Don't expect Roger Clemens to make his first on-camera statements about accusations of his steroid use before a Congressional hearing next month. Or any other player for that matter.

None of the 86 players mentioned in the Mitchell report released last week are expected to speak at a Jan. 15 hearing on steroids before the House Government Reform Committee, according to a published report.

"We don't want to turn this into a circus," Rep. Tom Davis told USA Today. "We just want to know what Major League Baseball plans to do about their problems. We understand the collective bargaining agreement complicates matters, but we'd like to see if they agree with Senator George Mitchell's recommendations, and move on."

Davis reiterated those comments Thursday on the Stephen A. Smith Show on ESPN radio, saying "no" to whether Clemens would come to Capitol Hill.

A few of the faces likely to grace Capitol Hill for January's hearings are Commissioner Bud Selig, MLB players union executive director Don Fehr, and Mitchell.

"If players believe they are wrongfully accused in the report," Davis told the paper, "they are welcome to volunteer and we'll take it under consideration. But as I understand it, all these players had a chance to cooperate [with Mitchell], and everyone declined to cooperate.

"So, to an extent, that's what they get."

Davis cautioned players about testifying, pointing out that they would be under oath and could face perjury charges if they are caught lying.

I don't blame the players for not wanting to testify. They'll end up with the same fate as Barry Bonds. However, by these players not wanting to testify, it leads me to believe that every one of them is a steroid user (not that I care or am against it). If you stand before Congress, you MUST tell the truth. If these players have nothing to hide, then they shouldn't have a problem testifying before Congress. None of the players want to admit that they used steroids because that will blemish their names and careers.

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