Friday, December 28, 2007

The Indianapolis Colts Are Breaking Records Of Their Own

The Indianapolis Colts are dishing out money left and right and its paying off. There is no doubt that the Colts' offense has been near the top of the list every year since Peyton Manning's mastery of the offensive system. However, a major contribution to what made them get to and win the Super Bowl last year was their lightning-fast defensive players who have taken all the criticism over the years and turned it into improvement. The Colts want to make sure they hold onto there players, even if it means dishing out record breaking offers to keep them. Then again, if a team offered more money, why would you want to sell yourself out and leave a huge franchise like the Colts?

After the 2003 season, quarterback Peyton Manning agreed to what was then a record $99.2 million, seven-year contract that contained a still-record $34.5 million signing bonus.

Before the start of training camp, Dwight Freeney signed a $72 million, six-year deal, making him the league's highest-paid defensive end. The contract included a $30 million signing bonus.

Now, Colts safety Bob Sanders has signed a five-year, $37.5 million contract with Indianapolis that includes $20 million in guaranteed money, according to NFL sources.

Bob Sanders

Bob Sanders

The contract makes Sanders, 26, the highest-paid safety in the NFL.

The Pro Bowl selection, whose playoff performance sparked the Colts on their run to a Super Bowl victory last season, would have been an unrestricted free agent after this season. Sanders is a strong contender for this year's NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors.

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