Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Football Predictions For Week 14 Of The NFL

I want everyone to be aware of a few things going into this week: Though the New England Patriots will most likely go undefeated for the regular season after that come from behind win last week, there is still tons of drama for the Wild Card teams and anything can happen in the playoffs.


Chicago At Washington - This is a game of literally two evenly matched teams at 5-7 who are both coming off tough losses. Though this is a coin toss game of 2 teams pursuing the Wild Card, Portis and Betts will run over the Bears' defense and the Redskins will get the win.


Miami At Buffalo - After last week's loss to the Jets, I am never picking Miami until they give me a reason to.

St. Louis At Cincinnati - This is theoretically supposed to be a match of two extremely high powered offenses, but I haven't seen much offense from either team. St. Louis will win, however, because at least they have a somewhat consistent defense when compared to the Bengals. Also, the decision to start Bulger is leaning more and more towards a yes.

Dallas At Detroit - The Cowboys are the Lions' next rough game in what could be the hardest schedule in the NFL. This should theoretically be another high scoring game and I can see that happening with Dallas coming out on top.

Oakland At Green Bay - The Packers loss last week against the Cowboys was only a warm-up for the playoffs and a minor set back. They will trounce the Raiders even though Favre is still questionable to start.

San Diego At Tennessee - Interesting how these two teams both have identical records (7-5), but the Chargers own their division while the Titans are staying alive for a Wild Card. I just think the Chargers have finally come alive and LT is returning to meet the high expectations the media had for him. Therefore, Chargers win.

New York Giants At Philadelphia - This is a great division rivalry game with serious playoff implications. I would actually label this a coin toss game because Eli is streaky as usual which could cost the Giants the game, but the Eagles have also been streaky. However, the Eagles need this win badly and their defense will bring the pressure on Eli, forcing him to make stupid mistakes and lose the game. Also, McNabb thinks he's ready to play, not that he's much of a difference at this point from Feeley.

Carolina At Jacksonville - The Panthers stopped a five-game losing skid in Week 13 against the 49ers while the Jaguars lost a tough one at Indianapolis. I just can not find any reasons why the Panthers could win this game.

Tampa Bay At Houston - I can see the Texans upsetting the Bucs, but because Matt Schaub is still questionable, I'm going to have to take the Bucs in this one.

Minnesota At San Francisco - I think the question with the Vikings at this point is not whether they will win, but how many yards will Adrian Peterson have against the 49ers' horrible defense.

Arizona At Seattle - This is a huge game in the NFC West divisional race as we start the final quarter of the regular season. The Seahawks will be looking to get some revenge for their Week 2 loss in Arizona. Can the Cardinals match up with their injured secondary against the Seahawks' spread receiver packages? The Seahawks and Shaun Alexander just look so much more comfortable that I have to take them.

Kansas City At Denver - These teams have been doing so bad lately even the Bills have a better record than both of them. This is a divisional matchup between two rivals that know each other very well and don't like each other. The Broncos can't afford to lose another game if they have any ideas about making the playoffs. Both teams want to stop losing streaks; Denver has lost two straight, while the Chiefs have lost their last five. I don't understand why analysts scrutinize young quarterbacks like Rivers, Young, and Eli Manning so much, but I never hear them say bad things about Cutler. He's as streaky as Eli. I'm picking the Chiefs for a minor upset.

Cleveland At New York Jets - This may be closer than one would expect. Remember, the Browns don't have a great defense and the Jets can put points on the board. However, they would need to score a lot and that isn't going to happen. Browns will roll on them.

Pittsburgh At New England - I REALLY want to say Steelers, but the NFL and their referees prohibit me from doing so.

Indianapolis At Baltimore - How lovely of the NFL to put the Colts back on a night game. I thought it would be the Patriots every Sunday or Monday night. Unfortunately, I have bad news for the Colts. Since the Patriots are better than the Colts this year, and the Ravens played their hearts out to beat the Patriots but lost for whatever reason (fair or unfair).....Wouldn't you think they are going to play just as hard against the Colts to avenge that lost since they are extremely angry and fired up? If the Colts were playing any other team except the Patriots, I would pick them, but because they happen to be playing the Ravens at this particular time, I'm going to go against my favorite team and pick the Ravens (especially their defense) to win in the upset of the week. Also, the Ravens are at home...that's always a boost.


New Orleans At Atlanta - Atlanta doesn't give me any reason why I should pick them. I think they are ranked 29th in the power rankings. Just go with the Saints.

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