Friday, December 7, 2007

Battle of Backup Quarterbacks In The Bears-Redskins Game

This game was pretty boring, but the amount of injuries that added up were remarkable. Men were falling like soldiers on the battlefield. The starting QB from both teams were injured and never returned.

Only days removed from burying a teammate, and without the benefit of a full practice, the Washington Redskins managed to win thanks to a backup quarterback who last completed a pass in 2004.

Todd Collins came on for the injured Jason Campbell and threw for two touchdowns Thursday night, leading Washington to a 24-16 victory over the fading Chicago Bears that ended the Redskins' four-game losing streak.

In a rough-and-tumble game befitting two teams that entered on the very fringe of the playoff chase in the so-so NFC, both lost their starting quarterbacks in the first half. Campbell left for good with a dislocated left kneecap a few plays after hurting his throwing elbow, while Rex Grossman never returned from a left knee injury on Chicago's second possession.

Collins wound up 15-for-20 for 224 yards and his first two scores since 2002, when he played for Kansas City.

Griese was 21-for-45 for 295 yards and one TD, but he also raised his season interception total to 12 in seven appearances for the reigning NFC champion Bears (5-8).

The list of injuries doesn't just end with the two starting QBs. This list also includes running back Clinton Portis (stomach illness), right guard Randy Thomas (elbow) and cornerback Fred Smoot (cramps) of Washington, and defensive tackle Antonio Garay (ankle) of Chicago.

Also, Redskins tight end Chris Cooley left two plays before Campbell did, and limped off to the locker room at the same time his QB was driven there on a cart. Cooley, though, was able to return at the start of the second half, and Portis made it back on the field, too.

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Anonymous said...

I was more worried about losing Cooley than Campbell. Campbell can't complete a pass without Cooley. The Bears really helped us out by knocking Campbell out of the game. Campbell might be the QB of the future but Collins is the QB of NOW. Let the QB controversy begin!