Friday, November 30, 2007

Shaun Alexander To Start While Donovan McNabb Will Sit This One Out.....Again

Running back Shaun Alexander will start in the Seahawks' game Sunday at Philadelphia after practicing for a third straight day following a 3 1/2-week absence with a sprained knee. However, backup Maurice Morris will get more carries than he usually would when Alexander starts to not tire out Alexander in his first game back. This is actually a good idea to utilize both running backs so when one gets tired, the other one can stay fresh. Alexander and Morris in the backfield can really open up the passing game and possible play action calls.

Play action tends to work when the quarterback has an excellent running back. For example, because Willie Parker is such a threat, a play action fake to Parker could easily fool the defense. However, because a team like the Patriots rarely run the ball, a play action to Maroney wouldn't fool anybody. Why do I rant about this? Because Alexander in his prime was a top running back and with Matt Hasselbeck's cannon, the play action was always a threat because the defense never knew if they were going to run or pass.

Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb is doubtful for the Eagles' game against Seattle on Sunday after missing practice again Friday. A.J. Feeley would get his second consecutive start if McNabb can't play. Feeley is coming off a strong outing in a 31-28 loss to New England.

I don't care what the analysts say. McNabb, ever since his first injury, hasn't played the same and he just isn't going to amount to anything for the rest of his injured career. The Eagles really need to give this guy up. He would make excellent trade bait. I can see any team quick to gobble him up. I'm not saying Feeley is the answer to the Eagles either, but I can guarantee the Eagles wouldn't have came as close as they did to beating the Patriots if McNabb was playing.

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