Sunday, November 4, 2007

Patriots Beat the Colts.... and the Refs

Well if there was any question coming into this weekend as to who the best QB, or the best team in the NFL were, they have now been answered. Now most of us new the answer was Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, but now everyone should know that.

Brady showed exactly why he is the best. In the 2nd half and the 4th quarter, as Peyton Manning struggled (as he usually does under pressure) Brady stepped up and guided his team to victory.

The game was marvelous. It was played at such a high level.... and then there were the referees. Clearly, someone paid them off. Lets start with the beginning shall we? The coin flip goes against the Colts, Patriots won. So what happened? The ref picked up the coin and did the flip again!! Are you kidding me? Then how about the play that set up Joseph Addai's 70 yard TD pass. The Colts were stopped short, clearly short (by about 2 yards). A commercial break happens, and we come back to a 1st and 10 for the Colts! How about the 60 yard pass interference penalty that set up one of the Colts field goal. The offense player (on the Colts) tackled the defender who was in position to make the INT and the defender gets called for pass interference.

It was horrible. Even the other editor of this blog, Michael, who is a die-hard Colts fan thought the refs were clearly in favor of the Colts.

But with that said, the Pats come out on top. They are 9-0 and only 7 games away from perfection. They may go down as the greatest team ever assembled.

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