Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ottawa Senators Off To Best Start in NHL History

I'll admit I'm not as big as a hockey fan as I used to be, but every time a sentence about hockey comes up this season, the words Ottawa Senators always find their way into the sentence. Why is that? Because at 13-1-0 with 26 points, the Ottawa Senators are off to the best start in NHL history. Winning 13 of 14 games in hockey is remarkable. I'm guessing after losing in the Stanley Cup Finals last year, they decided to completely let loose this season. With their 5-0 win over Toronto, they also set a team record with 8 straight wins. Congrats to the Ottawa Senators. It saddens me that Buffalo (my favorite hockey team) plays in the same division as the Senators and are playing so poorly (5-7-1). Buffalo once dominated this division, but it looks like there is no stopping the Senators at this rate.

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