Monday, November 26, 2007

My Interpretation of Week 12 in the NFL

Green Bay 37 beat Detroit 26 - This was one of the more exciting games to watch. I haven't had the pleasure of watching the Packers play this year so it was such a treat to see Favre shine on Thanksgiving Day. The Lions played good too and kept the game relatively close. However, their hopes of a Wild Card are fading away. The Packers on the other hand look amazing and I can see the experienced Favre passing through Dallas' secondary next week.

Dallas 34 beat New York Jets 3 - At this point of the day I felt as tired as a fat man on Thanksgiving so this game received little attention. We all knew the Cowboys were going to destroy the poor Jets. This game wasn't even close. Even the anchormen at halftime were joking about struggling to stay awake during this game.

Indianapolis 31 beat Atlanta 13 - The Colts scared me in the beginning. I sat there thinking that this was another game where they would struggle to win. However, after letting the Falcons score the first 10 points, the Colts broke out and Peyton Manning had a great game.

Cincinnati 35 beat Tennessee 6 - Its about time for me to stop believing in the Titans. I picked them to win in order to keep the race for the AFC Wild Card close, but clearly the Browns and Jaguars are better than the Titans. I enjoyed watching Palmer and the Johnsons put up an offensive show like they should. Its ashame the defense didn't show up all year.

Cleveland 27 beat Houston 17 - What can I say about Cleveland that hasn't already been said. In the end, the Browns have too much offensive fire and they are truly the comeback team of the year. It would be nice, however, if they had more attractive helmets.

Oakland 20 beat Kansas City 17 - This game was meaningless and could have easily gone either way, but Culpepper and company edged out Croyle for the win.

Seattle 24 beat St. Louis 19 - I called for the Rams to upset the Hawks and it very nearly almost happened. Bulger's concussion forced Frerotte too enter the game, but he didn't do too bad. Jackson ran like a beast this game, but the Hawks clawed back in the 2nd half and earned the win, protecting their slim division lead.

Minnesota 41 beat New York Giants 17 - We all know Eli can't play well in the second half of the year. There's a rumor that as the temperature drops lower and lower, Eli's performance gets worse and worse. It must be true and this game proves it. I didn't even know the Vikings had a defense until this game. After this game, I was able to name every player on the Vikings' defense.

Tampa Bay 19 beat Washington 13 - Perhaps it was Campbell's 2 interceptions that hurt the Redskins in this one. Campbell allowed Barber to become the Bucs' all time interception leader.
The Bucs have padded their lead in their division even more.

New Orleans 31 beat Carolina 6 - Drew Brees either has very good games or really bad ones. This was a good week for him....or at least better than Carr, who got benched after throwing 2 interceptions. The Saints continue their march in pursuit of the Bucs.

Jacksonville 36 beat Buffalo 14 - The Jags continue to nip at the heels of the Colts and have set up a showdown to determine the status of the division lead next week. However, I don't think the Jags are that great. 15 of their points came off of 5 field goals. They simply don't have the offensive power to match up with the Colts, who's players are recovering more and more just in time for the important games.

San Fransisco 37 beat Arizona 31 - I really liked Arizona in this one and it could have gone either way. The 49ers won off of a mistake: a fumble recovery which led to a touchdown. Warner threw the lights out of the ball for 484 yards. I find that more impressive than the way the 49ers won, but I know it doesn't matter because it comes down to who wins the game.

Chicago 37 beat Denver 34 - Denver's loss breaks the tie for the division lead and puts the Chargers in front of them. Hester set the Bears' return record and no matter how hard teams try to kick away from him, he always finds a way to recover and run with the ball. Perhaps at this point teams would be better off kicking out of bounds and forfeiting 40 yards to prevent a return touchdown, but that wouldn't be any fun.

Chargers 32 beat Baltimore 14 - The Chargers have won 5 of their last 7 and seem to be back, but beating the Ravens is not exactly the hardest task in the NFL. All a team has to do is outscore the Ravens because they never put up a reasonable amount of points to win a game, excluding last week. After all the bashing of Rivers, which really made me mad because if they were going to bash young quarterbacks Culter should have been first on the list, he came through with 3 touchdowns. Tomlinson, however, continues to put up mediocre stats.

New England 31 beat Philadelphia 28 - Many of you who continue to read my postings should realize that I am a Colts fan and can't stand the Patriots. If the Eagles would have beaten the Patriots (which they should have), the Eagles would have been one of my new favorite teams. The Eagles were in control of the whole game and they were marching up the field with 5 minutes left ready to take the lead when all of a sudden (I swear don't know what they were thinking) after these small 10 yard passes which were working too a charm, Feeley decides to bomb one for the endzone and he was intercepted. WHY DID HE DO THAT? Not only did it break from what was working the entire game, but it would have only given the Patriots more time on the clock. When the Patriots were on their way to going undefeated in a recent season, Feeley on the Dolphins stopped them with a win. Feeley knew how to pick apart the Patrriots defense and if he didn't make that ridiculous decision I wouldn't be going on this rant about how the Patriots are becoming very lucky that a few of their wins have come off of bad decisions by the other team. I do enjoy wat5ching Brady get mad when they are close to losing. But still, something seems fishy about that interception, as if Feeley was paid to blow it or something. Whatever the reason, the Patriots still haven't lost and I still can't stand seeing the record go to such an undeserv9ing team. I compare the Patriots breaking the record to Barry Bonds breaking the record: Belichick and Bonds both cheated and neither deserve it and the Patriots even got caught cheating. Get the asterisk ready.

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