Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Interpretation of Week 11 in the NFL

Green Bay 31 beat Carolina 17 - Perhaps this was the only game other than the Patriots which wasn't close. Favre was simply spectacular again and they finally established a solid running game.

Arizona 35 beat Cincinnati 27 - This was the first of many games to flip-flop back and forth before Arizona came away with a victory. The Bengals defense could not stop the Cardinals and Palmer's 4 interceptions really hurt them.

Cleveland 33 beat Baltimore 30 - This was truly an exciting game. Not only did it flip-flop back and forth but it went into overtime. The Ravens finally scored more points than I could spend at the McDonald's $1 menu (corny I know), but Cleveland proved they are the real deal and owners of the Wild Card spot. Even still, the Steelers should watch out.

New York Giants 16 beat Detroit 10 - I'm starting to really lose faith in Kitna's promise for 10 wins. They play the Packers on Thanksgiving and that'll be another loss. Eli Manning did surprisingly well for a game in the second half of the season and perhaps they have solidified their spot for a Wild Card.

Philadelphia 17 beat Miami 7 - I was getting a little scared at one point in this game, but then I remembered the Eagles were playing the Dolphins. McNabb got hurt yet again after throwing 2 interceptions. Feeley didn't do any better. Thank God for Westbrook on that team otherwise the Eagles would be lost. Beck didn't fair well at gall in his first game as a starter, but at least he didn't throw an interception or turn the ball over.

Tampa Bay 31 beat Atlanta 7 - With this win Tampa Bay pretty much clinched first place in their division. Leftwich, who they decided to start despite Harrington winning 2 in a row, did terrible. Maybe next time they'll start Harrington.

Minnesota 29 beat Oakland 22 - Perhaps it wasn't Adrian Peterson himself who was amazing. I think no matter who the Vikings have as a running back he will rush like he is on crack. Chester Taylor, the backup to Peterson, ran for 164 yards and 3TDs. Culpepper threw for 344 yards in a losing effort against his old team.

Jacksonville 24 beat Chargers 17 - Philip Rivers still has Antonio Gates and LaDanian Tomlinson, but there is something very different and uncomfortable about this team. Meanwhile, Jacksonville continues to roll and are seriously giving the struggling Colts a run for their money.

Indianapolis 13 beat Chiefs 10 - The good news is the Colts won. They still have a lead over the Jaguars for first place. The bad news is they barely squeaked by the Chiefs, which is a team that has seen better days. I don't know what Vinatieri's problem is, but he needs to start converting on simple kicks. The Colts will continue to win, but it will be an uphill struggle until the playoffs where they will lose if they don't have their full squad of healthy players back.

Houston 23 beat New Orleans 10 - I expected the Saints to bounce back after that embarrassing loss against the Rams, but Brees messed things up once again while Schaub had a very good game. The most interesting stat of this game was the unusually large number of fumbles.

New York Jets 19 upset Steelers 16 - This was the upset of the week. Just when it looked as if the Jets were going to blow another 4th quarter lead for the 6th time, the Jets found new life in them. Their defense stepped up and shut down the Steelers' offense while Clemens did a very fine job of leading his team on a two minute drill to send the game into overtime. I think many will agree with me that the Steelers are the only team left on the Patriot's schedule who stands a chance at stopping their perfect season, but after this game maybe I'll rethink that.

Seattle 30 beat Chicago 23 - Not much to comment in this offensive showdown. Grossman actually looked good, but Hasselbeck looked better. Seattle isn't all that good, however. They'll win their division by default and get smacked up in the playoffs.

St. Louis 13 beat San Francisco 9 - St. Louis is back! Its ashame its too late, but I'll be picking them to win many more games the rest of the season. Then again, any team except the Dolphins can beat the 49ers.

Dallas 28 beat Washington 23 - This game was much closer than it should have been. Dallas is very good, don't get me wrong, but they also get very lucky. Terrell Owens caught 4 TDs in this game, proving he is still one of the best receivers in the game.

New England 35 Vs Buffalo 7 (At Half) - My suspicion as to why this is a Sunday night game is confirmed. I actually thought at first Buffalo would upset them on a primetime Sunday night game. Then I realized this game is primarily on in order to show off the Patriots, as if the world doesn't know already that Tom Brady is the sun and everything revolves around him. Randy Moss has 4 TD catches already, probably to match Owens' 4 TDs because the Patriots always want to prove anything any team can do, they can do better. I can't watch anymore of this. It gets to a point where its not fun anymore and I'm always suspicious of the Patriots cheating. I am, however, entertained at the fact Al Michaels said "damn" on a Sunday night football game.

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