Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MLB Managers of the Year Announced

MLB has announced the Manager of the Year for the AL and NL for the 2007 season. They are (drum roll please)...........

AL: Eric Wedge (manager of the Cleveland Indians). He really does deserve this award. The Indians were the second best team behind Boston. Sure, Boston's manager could have won this, but the Red Sox were already expected to be good. Very few people foresaw the Indians not only passing the Tigers, who previously went to the World Series the year before, for first in their division, but also tying Boston for the best record in baseball.

NL: Bob Melvin (manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks). I disagree with this pick. Yes, Melvin did lead a team of young, inexperienced players to the playoffs, BUT Clint Hurdle of the Rockies did the same thing. Except, Hurdle did it better. Putting together the tremendous winning streak that they did, making a late run for the playoffs, and entering the playoffs in such a dramatic fashion with a young, inexperienced team I think earns Hurdle manager of the year.

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