Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lebron James Injured In Loss To The Pistons

Isn't it funny how things can radically change in one day? Just last night I was ranting about how Lebron James is the king of basketball and now tonight he hurts his finger and his team got slaughtered. This was the first rematch of the Cavs and Pistons since the Cavs knocked the Pistons out of the playoffs last season.

James sprained his left index finger in the second quarter Wednesday night, and did not return, and the Detroit Pistons went on to beat the Cleveland Cavilers 109-74 Wednesday night. The Pistons insisted the victory didn't mean any less to them even though it came against a team missing its first, second and third option on offense.

The Cavs said James' X-rays were negative, adding he would be evaluated again Thursday. James returned to Cleveland's bench late in the third quarter and as soon as he hit the bench, the Pistons went on a tear.

Injuries happen in sports of course and Lebron should bounce back from this easily. Like I said, sports is funny like that. One day your king, the next day you're dethroned, and the day after you're back to being the king.

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