Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is This FINALLY It For Roger Clemens?

Roger has joined the Houston Astros, as a "consultant" off the field. This move could be a clear sign that his pitching career is over, but as Clemens himself has repeatedly admitted, he's a failure at retirement.

According to Clemens, "I am going to be doing the same things I've always done, whether it kicks in now or kicks in five years from now, " Clemens said. "Again, it's great that it was part of the contract way back when, but for me it's great I get the opportunity to work with the kids and I get to be a part of an organization that I really love and that I have come to know, not only as a fan and a season-ticket holder, but as a player and now I get a chance to work with these guys."

His agent told the Astros on Wednesday that this seven time Cy Young winner is set to start his personal-services contract with the team and the Astros reported looking forward to having him if and when he is finally ready to retire.

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