Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Heat Have Something to Celebrate - Dwayne Wade Is Back At Practice

After six months, Dwayne Wade's surgically repaired knee (which was operated on May 15th) survived its first real test without any harm whatsoever. During Wade's first practice with the Miami Heat, rookie center Joel Anthony launched his giant 260-pound frame towards Wade as he headed towards the basket. Wade didn't mind this at all. In fact, he was curious to see how he would handle getting fouled again. Well, he got more than he bargained for because he not only got fouled, he got tackled.

The positive news is Wade stated there was no problem or injury related to his left knee after practice Monday. The negative news, however, is that Wade is still determining when his return date to the Miami lineup will be.

Wade should take enough time as he needs to recover to 100% percent, but not too much time. The Heat need him back badly as they are in shambles right now. Smush Parker hasn't played the past two games, leaving rookie Daequan Cook and third-string guard Chris Quinn to experience significant playing time. Wade brings to the Heat the explosive power on offense, which they have been lacking as their ppg has dipped in Wade's absence. The Heat are ranked #23 in the ESPN's power rankings standings after an 0-3 start in week one AND if you think that's bad.....the Heat are on a 16 game losing streak if you factor in exhibition and playoffs.

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