Saturday, November 10, 2007

Football Predictions For Week 10

Once again another weekend of great games are upon us. Here's my predictions of the games to come:

Minnesota Vs. Green Bay - Obviously you have to go with Green Bay until they suffer a terrible loss, but the way Peterson has been never know what to expect.

Jacksonville Vs. Tennessee - I have to go with Tennessee at home. Though Jacksonville is still in contention, I believe Tennessee will win at home and move one step closer to clinching the Wild Card. Young isn't the greatest, but that team finds a way to get the job done. Jacksonville doesn't have that defense they once had.

Denver Vs. Kansas City - Denver needs this win badly. They are a half a game out of first (behind Kansas City) and they will beat Kansas City this week in this ever so important game.

Buffalo Vs Miami - Buffalo is one of the surprise teams of the year. Though they won't capture the Wild Card, they should come damn near close and a win this week will help. I find it extremely ironic, however, that the Patriots are going to go 16-0 in the same season the Dolphins (who previously owned the 16-0 record) will go 0-16.

St. Louis Vs New Orleans - St. Louis nearly has their full squad back and they came very close to beating the Browns 2 weeks ago. I smell the upset of the week in which the Rams beat the Saints, who will not recover and make a comeback this year.

Cleveland Vs Pittsburgh - Cleveland is in the same scenario Denver is in, but unlike the Broncos, the Browns will not beat the division leader and tie for first. Steelers are too good for the Browns, but the Browns will still make a run for the Wild Card.

Philadelphia Vs Washington - This is a tough division battle and a tough game to choose. On one hand, I want to pick Washington simply because they are better than the Eagles in all aspects. However, the Eagles must bounce back from that embarrassing loss last week, which I believe they will do.

Atlanta Vs Carolina - A meaningless game, but I would have to pick Atlanta simply because Carolina doesn't even know who their QB will be.

Cincinnati Vs Baltimore - What a game. Cincinnati has no defense but can score like crazy and Baltimore has no offense.....and wait, there defense is falling apart. Cincinnati will pull this one out.

Dallas Vs. New York Giants - Quite possibly the game of the week. The Giants statistically have been known to fall apart in the second half of the year because of Eli's inconsistency. Dallas has been rolling on teams all year and if it wasn't for the Patriots, the Cowboys could also be undefeated. Yes, I know Romo did horrible against the Bills, but in the end he still got the win. Just as the Cowboys rolled on the Eagles last week when I actually thought it would be a good game, the Cowboys will do the same to the Giants.

Detroit Vs. Arizona - I'll make this one quick. Kitna promised 10 wins at the end of the season. They have 6 right now....and this game will be an easy #7.

Chicago Vs Oakland - Another meaningless game of two teams in the cellar of their divisions. Chicago will win this and feel good they earned 4 whole wins all to themselves.

Indianapolis Vs San Diego - I seriously doubt the Colts will enter into depression and lose a couple of games the rest of the season. If anything, coming so close to beating the Patriots will actually motivate them to play harder. As for San Diego, with the Broncos win over the Chiefs this week, San Diego will fall into a tie with the Chiefs for second place. I love the timing and drama of football.

San Fransisco Vs. Seattle - What a boring Monday Night game. Oh well, I have work to do anyway that night. As for the game, Seattle will roll at home.

Bye Week:
Tampa Bay
New York Jets - Thank God. I can't stand to watch another fourth quarter loss
New England - Thank God. I can't stand to see Brady's cocky smile on television another week.


Sport Nut said...

Damn those are some pretty good pics I should have gotten some help from you I missed three this week, Not to good huh. ery nice blog I will be back shortly.

NIce read thanks for posting..

Michael Vinciguerra said...

Thanks man I appreciate that. I'm proud of my Rams and Eagles picks, but I'm bummed about this Colts game. I think the whole world is shocked.