Saturday, November 3, 2007

Daddy, I Want A-Rod on my Team! Can You Raise My Allowance to $350 Million?

That title is no joke. I'm hoping either A-Rod and his agent have either flipped or there was a serious problem with the location of the decimal, but I doubt either of those cases happened. The reality is before A-Rod opted out of his contract with the Yankees, the team was told that it would not be able to meet with the third baseman unless they presented an offer of $350 million. Now I understand without A-Rod's clutch hitting during the regular season, the Yankees would have most likely not made the playoffs. Still, no one player is worth investing $350 million in! Instead, with the departure of A-Rod, and possibly the overpaid Clemens, the Yankees could invest that money into fresh young talent. Two examples of recent success are the maturation of Chamberlain and Cano. The Yankees should build up a team of fresh, young players instead of going out and getting wash-ups, old players, and overpaid stars who do nothing but fail in the post-season. Leave that trend up to the Mets, who have and are acquiring all-stars from all over the league. By the way, the Mets have their eye on A-Rod.

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