Friday, November 2, 2007

Bulls Say No to Kobe

Here is an interesting story about Kobe's future from

Chicago Bulls general manager John Paxson said that trade talks on Kobe Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers have ended for now and downplayed the notion that the teams were ever on the verge of a deal.

"There's not a deal done," he said Thursday. "There's not going to be a deal done. All the things that were out there were really unfair to all of us who were trying to do our jobs. The misinformation ... I think gets in the way of the process. It's just such a complicated thing and we kind of put it to rest now."

Paxson said they discussed "parameters," but the sides "never got down to the nuts and bolts of it because there was never a deal to be done. That's the reality of it."

I guess Kobe will have to suffer with the Lakers. I think they should worry about how to make a deal to get some talent around him, instead of trying to trade him away.

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