Sunday, November 4, 2007

Around the NBA 11.3.2007

  • Forget Boston's big three, how about New Jersey's big three, Carter, Kidd, and Jefferson. Richard Jefferson is off to an extremely fast start scoring at will against anybody. Jason Kidd is Jason Kidd. Mr. Triple Double recorded his 88th career triple double last night.
  • Gilbert Arenas wishes he could have a redo on the beginning of this season. After promising a win against Boston, he goes out and plays horribly while his team gets blown out by the Celtics. Then he comes back with a 5-15 performance scoring 10 points against the Magic.
  • Al Harrington had himself a game last night. He scored 38 points on 15-20 shooting. If he can play like this, Golden State is going to have a hard time getting all their players minutes.
  • The Chicago Bulls are off to a horrible start this season. They had a promising squad that many thought, including myself, they were going to compete for the Eastern Conference title. I know its only a few games, but still they look terrible. They need to get Ben Gordon going, and they need to find some offense. Their defense hasn't been the problem, they need to put the ball in the hoop.


Matt said...

The Nets' Big Three have battled injuries for the last few years. I think this season is the first time they're all relatively healthy and hopefully they can make something happen this year (plus Jefferson is on my fantasy team).

The Bulls look like they'll be an up and down team. They're most reliable weapon seems like Nocioni and the rest of the team are slasher types that are more scorers than shooters. I'm still holding my breath on the rumored Kobe-Bulls trade so I'm not certain how the Bulls will fare this season.

David Stefanini said...

They look amazing to start this season, except against the Raptors.

I'll tell you who looks brilliant, Richard Jefferson... he looks outstanding this year.