Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jets Lose 5th Straight // Giants win in London

The Jets lost their 5th straight game with their loss to the Bills last Sunday and Mangini at this point looks like he needs therapeutic help to aid him in coping with the QB situation. Who does he start? It might as well be left up to a coin toss at this point. Pennington is accurate, sorta, but can not throw long enough for consistent first downs. Clemens, who has been named their starter for this Sunday, is still in the working stages and can not seem to muster a win. I'll grant him the fact that his receivers drop wide open passes, as if to say they do not like him and they would rather have Pennington back in. At this point, Pennington has failed and is too injury prone, so I would begin working on building Clemens' career if i was Mangini. Oh yea, and the Thomas Jones acquisition over the summer was such a waste.

The Giants, meanwhile, are flourishing. They have won 6 in a row after an 0-2 start and are nipping at the heels of the Cowboys, who play the Eagles in a division rivalry game this weekend. Last weekend's game should show the NFL what a stupid idea it was to play a game outside the U.S. The rain in London made the artificial grass waste away which severely affected the players' performances. The Dolphins actually had an excuse why they played bad last weekend!

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